Warren County

County Courthouse Magnet Services (CCMS) is considered the best emergency directory magnet provider for county courthouses in the United States. We currently work with over 275 county courthouse officials, sheriffs, police chiefs, and fire department chiefs across the country.  CCMS is committed to providing the highest quality of emergency directories for each of our partnered counties.

When people are in a stressful situation, they often do not have the time or resources to locate the appropriate helpline or hotline telephone number. Every magnet provides local emergency numbers and many national numbers such as the Poison Control Center, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and National Child Abuse Hotline. These toll-free helplines and hotlines can provide life-saving assistance to people in your community.
By supporting their local emergency directory magnet, businesses are able to create goodwill and help distribute these local and national telephone numbers throughout the community. Businesses also enjoy high quality exposure because the magnet calendars will be displayed on refrigerators in home and on filing cabinets in offices. Studies have shown that magnets remain in place longer than any other form of advertising, and magnet ads are far more visible because most are positioned close to eye level.
For what it would cost a business to place an ad in the newspaper for a weekend, they can instead help the people in their community while getting high-quality exposure for an entire year. This “win-win” situation for the businesses is one of the many reasons they choose to support the emergency directory magnet year after year.